Bathroom Galleria

Just think about the life every home has the ability to take on. Each person connected to it will add to its history, its form and its existence. Each time, taking on a new personality and/or creating a new reality using what others before them started with.

This elegant glass and marble bathroom is a Nicholas Cosentino design.
Our crews are top shelf craftesmen.
Custom shower stalls in marble or limestones.
At one time this was an area with an old bathtub. It is now a custom shower that features 3 different marble tiles.
We are specialists in all types of tiling.
This bathroom was redesigned by Nicholas Cosentino by incorporating the existing glass wall tiles and sink with custom made wall wanescot, sleek shelving, a new tub, toilet and limestone floor tile for a newer, more elegant look.
Glass and Marble bathroom with canopy marble sink base and canopy styled soffit designed by Nicholas Cosentino.
This one of a kind onyx tiled shower was completed by the talented crews at Old Masters.
This is a beautiful and luxurious yellow onyx shower. Our crews are masters at high end tiling work.
This is the "after" photo of the Brookfield, IL. bathroom designed by Nicholas Cosentino.
Bathroom designed by Nicholas Cosentino and crafted by the crews of Old Masters Construction.
Shower designed by Nicholas Cosentino & crafted by the crews of Old Masters Construction.
Slate floor tile by Old Masters Construction.
New Closet
Bathroom Design by Nicholas Cosentino and crafted by the talented crews of Old Masters Construction.