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The History of Old Masters Construction Co.

Old Masters Construction Company was founded in June 1995 by Nicholas Cosentino. After more than 2 decades in the trenches, Nick thought it was time for something different. He wanted to start a company that was based not only on his philosophy but also one that was different than most.

So, he decided to use only top shelf craftsmen; a specific kind of trade people. Second or third generation specialists who were taught their craft by the old masters. He also researched and suggested newer, more advanced, high end materials and better system applications. Finally, and equally important, he sought out customers who truly appreciated the difference.

The philosophy is simple:

"Treat every home like a piece of art."

Because, if you think about it…it is.

First, it starts as an idea in the mind of the designer or architect, who lays it down with ink on paper. Then they painstakingly labor over every item and every minute detail that will give schematic direction on how to create this conceptual idea of theirs.

This idea is brought to life through the experience and knowledge of every craftsman that it calls for.

Craft knowledge is handed down and at times improved upon from person to person. It goes from master to apprentice and then the apprentice becomes another master. Lessons are taught continuously, year after year, century after century. This creates artisans who learn to use tools and building systems that are not only specific to a modern task, but some that reach as far back in history as to the building of the pyramids. It is this same proficient experience that is applied to the building of every home and should be absolutely used in any rehab, remodeling or restoration project.

Certainly though, if a structure were only designed, crafted and simply sat there, it would be a sculpture of sorts. But, it goes beyond that because, when it’s eventual owner and/or owners joins the canvas, it becomes an ever growing, breathing, living piece of artwork.

Just think about the life every home has the ability to take on. Each person connected to it will add to its history, its form and its existence. Each time, taking on a new personality and/or creating a new reality using what others before them started with.

Finally, a home should always have our respect. Our company and our crews share this belief. Home is our presentation of self, as well as a shelter for life. It will share our relationships and achievements, watch the growth of our children, protect our being and even financially invest in our future.

"Treat every home like a piece of art."

This simple and respected philosophy is what drives Old Masters Construction Co. We have built our business on excellence and quality of craft, honesty and scruples. We refuse to have dissatisfied customers. The project photo’s that are shown here will highlight our abilities. But, our reference list of satisfied customers will speak volumes for us, and we have many.

Last of all…we would like to add you to that list.